About Tuition Fee
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Long-term student tuition

Chinese further-education students/Chinese Major studentsRMB/year)    Tuition:  15000

Bachelor Program  Liberal: 15000  Science: 16000  Fine arts and music: 19000

Master Program   Liberal: 21000    Science: 25000  Fine arts and music: 28000

Doctoral Program  Liberal: 25000  Science: 31000  Fine arts and music:37000


Enrollment Fee: RMB 400/year

Insurance Fee: RMB 600/year


Accommodation Fee

The accommodation fee varies from RMB 3100 to RMB 20,000 according to different types of dormitory.


The dormitory is equipped with air-conditioner, TV, water heater, toilet and internet interface. Fee of water, electricity is paid by the student.